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About Us

NOAA Chart Shop is a branch of Paradise Cay Publications dedicated specifically to the printing of Authorized NOAA/NGA nautical charts. We also publish and distribute thousands of specialty book titles as well as an ever-expanding selection of field guides, travel maps, and children's books. Paradise Cay Publications is also an authorized print agent for NOAA charts, NGA charts, and FAA navigational charts including VFR Sectional charts via our site VFRSECTIONAL.COM.

In addition, we a certified seller for Canadian Hydrographic charts. Our charts and many of our books are printed in-house. We use modern printers to produce high-quality certifed products at a fair price for our customers, with generous margins to our dealers. Wholesale inquiries welcome.

Most of our NOAA and NGA charts and maps are available in Traditional Paper, Waterproof, Small Format Waterproof, and BookletChart styles. Beyond their value as navigational tools, many of these charts can make a great piece of wall decoration for your boathouse, beachhouse, or home. We also offer all NOAA charts with an 'antiqued' appearance, which makes for the perfect vintage decorative nautical map - a great gift for boating enthusiasts, sailors, and fishermen.