USCG Light List VII 2021: Great Lakes Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River above the St. Regis River

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USCG Light List VII 2021: Great Lakes Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River above the St. Regis River

The USCG Light List is published in seven volumes and contains lights and other aids to navigation used for general navigation that are maintained by or under the authority of the U. S. Coast Guard and located in the waters surrounding the United States and its Territories. Each volume corresponds to a different regional area and contains more complete information on each aid to navigation than can be conveniently shown on charts.

The suite of Light Lists include complete listings of all lights, buoys, daybeacons, ranges, fog signals, radiobeacons, and radar beacons (RACONS); detailed information is given on each aid including position (where necessary), shape, color, and characteristics. In addition, each Light List volume contains introductory pages with general information on aids to navigation and their use, and the GPS, DGPS, and LORAN- C radionavigation systems. Each volume is republished annually, but during the year should be kept continuously corrected from the Local Notice to Mariners.

The Light List is not intended to be used in place of charts or Coast Pilots. Charts should be consulted for the location of all aids to navigation. It may be dangerous to use aids to navigation without reference to charts.

Mariners are cautioned to keep their Light Lists, charts and other nautical publications corrected and should consult all notices issued after the date of publication of the annual Light List. A summary of corrections for the annual publication, which includes corrections from the dates shown on the title page to the date of availability, is available at the Light List Corrections page. These corrections must be applied in order to bring the Light List up-to-date. Additionally, this publication should be corrected weekly from the Local Notices to Mariners or the Notices to Mariners, as appropriate.


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